The speed at which change is occurring in the economic and social scenario has led to a fair amount of stress for people in every walk of life. When people fail to use their emotions effectively, they will continue to suffer from emotional turmoil and psychosomatic diseases.

The hospital stay is often a time of great stress for patients and their families alike. Upon hospitalisation the patient hopes for restored health when, at the same time, he carries the burden of the symptoms of his illness, because of which he was hospitalised in the first place.  Lying in a hospital bed surrounded by tubes and monitors, the patient is in a vulnerable state both mentally and physically. Separated from his or her natural environment, the patient is not only in unfamiliar territory but in the process of coming to grips with the fact that he or she is ill. Such a one-two punch often forces patients into crisis mode, leaving them feeling frightened and confused.

There is much evidence that patients experience stressful episodes during their stay in hospitals. The physical and social configuration of hospitals implies the possibility of introducing adverse psychological effects.  There are few moments in our lives that call for greater compassion and companionship than when a loved one is admitted to the hospital. underlying sentiment emphasizes the importance of reducing stress in a hospital setting for all those involved.

But this burden must go somewhere.  Meditation is said to be future of medication. Medical Wing has come up with a unique methodology, Any Time Meditation (ATM) is being designed to provide an opportunity to unwind individuals and try to alleviate stress during their stay in hospitals, think positively to improve quality of life and to bring back health.

A standardised meditation room is set in hospitals with proper ambience for patients and bystanders to meditate at a convenient place. Medical Wing will provide all the necessary technical support required for setting up the ATM room. The project aims at unwinding and relieving stress, building harmonious relationships and incorporating value based work culture in hospitals.

The healthcare professionals in the hospital will be trained on Raja Yoga, an ancient meditation technique, by qualified and experienced trainers from Brahma Kumaris. The training enables the healthcare professionals to experience the power of deep silence and to awaken the inner powers of the soul which lie dormant in each one of us. Serene and spiritually charged atmosphere of ATM will provide ample opportunities for such an experience.

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